The PlatePal will work on virtually any surface: Smooth, rough, wood, vinyl, glass, metal, wire, level, uneven, cloth-covered, round edges, indoor, outdoor — use it anywhere you need a sanitary and secure eating area for your child. Because of its Velcro® top, you can use your own dishes simply by adding Velcro to them.

Please note: Using the largest piece of Velcro® possible on the bottom of your baby's dish will give you the most secure hold. The PlatePal comes with extra, industrial-strength Velcro, and you can also order additional pieces when you place your order.

The PlatePal is perfect for use
in nice restaurants.

The PlatePal works great with
cloth-covered tables.

Attach the PlatePal to your
child's stroller.


The PlatePal works well with
tablecloths and placemats.

The PlatePal easily attaches
to chair arms.

Attach the PlatePal to your
child's highchair.


The PlatePal works great on
uneven, wooden picnic tables.


The PlatePal also works with metal picnic tables, even ones with holes.


Attach the PlatePal to you desk
to keep things tidy.


The PlatePal works great with
slick vinyl tablecloths.

You can use the PlatePal on
glass tables.


The PlatePal attaches to chair arms, giving you a secure feeding dish
while holding your child.
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