Going from baby food to self-feeding
With PlatePal you can provide your toddler a sanitary, secure feeding surface as the child learns to eat independently using fingers or utensils.
Feeding your baby in restaurants
Make it easy for your child to eat in restaurants, malls, picnics, etc. with the revolutionary new feeding device, PlatePal.
The one baby item you can't do without
With the PlatePal, you can help your child to become independent and learn to eat with utensils as they progress from fingers to forks and spoons.
PlatePal is a revolutionary baby product
Teach your child to use forks and spoons with the sanitary, secure PlatePal, the baby product that keeps baby's dish on the table and off the floor.
Looking for a useful baby shower gift?
Shower the new parent with the PlatePal, a revolutionary baby dish holder that can be used from the beginning of solid foods through the self-feeding stages.
Help your baby learn to eat with spoon and fork
When your child enters the self-feeding stage, the PlatePal is just what you need to help teach the independence of eating with spoon and fork.
Be smart and use the PlatePal
While you don't have to be an Einstein to use the PlatePal, you will feel like one when you see how easy it is to provide a sanitary, secure eating surface for your child.
PlatePal attaches to most baby furniture
On high chairs, strollers, tables, the PlatePal attaches securely to provide a sanitary eating surface for your baby or toddler as they learn to eat independently.
Self-feeding is part of child development
Help your toddler become independent. Self-feeding is easy with PlatePal, a revolutionary baby dish holder that provides a sanitary, secure eating surface as you child learns to use fork and spoon.
Toddlers learn self-feeding with PlatePal
Help your baby progress through the self-feeding stage with the PlatePal, a revolutionary baby dish holder that allows your toddler to learn to eat with fork and spoon.
Please note: Using the largest piece of Velcro® possible on the bottom of your baby's dish will give you the most secure hold. The PlatePal comes with extra, industrial-strength Velcro, and you can also order additional pieces when you place your order.

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