Please note: Using the largest piece of Velcro® possible on the bottom of your baby's dish will give you the most secure hold. The PlatePal comes with extra, industrial-strength Velcro, and you can also order additional pieces when you place your order.


Step 1:
To use, position the PlatePal on the table or surface you want to attach it to. Slide the PlatePal forward so the pins are fully up against the edge of the surface.

Step 2:
Secure to table by squeezing up on both sides of the bottom piece until the foam is firmly up against the table and the PlatePal does not move. It will slide easier if you place your fingers on both sides of the pins while squeezing.

Step 3:
Be sure the PlatePal is attached firmly to the table and that the pins are flush against the edge with the foam pressed up against the bottom of the table. Do not over tighten.

Step 4:
Attach Velcro® — largest piece possible — to the bottom of a flat-bottomed dish and position the dish on top of the PlatePal by pressing down firmly from the inside of the dish.

Step 5:
To release grip and remove PlatePal from table surface, remove dish and gently push up on the front end of the bottom piece.

Step 6:
Once you have released the grip, gently slide the bottom plate down and remove the PlatePal from the table.
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