Read what some of our customers have said about the PlatePal:

"I really appreciate the PlatePal at home. Our son, Travis, is now using a booster seat, and without the PlatePal, the dishes and food would be all over my kitchen. I keep it on my kitchen table so it is ready for every meal. Travis is even starting to use his spoon and fork now since the PlatePal keeps his bowl on the table. What a lifesaver!"
Annette & John

"The first time I used the PlatePal was in the food court at the mall. The tables always seem to be dirty and I hated feeding my daughter there. With the PlatePal and my own baby dish, I can provide my daughter a clean place to eat. I take the PlatePal everywhere with me now."

"Using the PlatePals with our twins makes eating out enjoyable now. I don't have to continually pick up plates and bowls off the floor. The twins love having their own special dishes right there for them, and I actually get to eat my own food with less interruptions. Thank you."

"I tried everything--mats, suction bowls — nothing stayed on the table with my son. The first time I used the PlatePal with Jack, who is 11 months old, he grabbed the side of the bowl.  But kids are smart — when he couldn't move it because it was attached with Velcro to the PlatePal, he left it alone and actually ate the food I put in the bowl. Now he doesn't even try to remove the bowl. I am amazed how well the PlatePal works. I can see that I will use it for a long time with Jack."

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